We bring music to the world.
We set your music Online @iTunes, iMusic, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Tridal, Amazon-Music and lots of other streamingservices
But also at downloadwebsites as Amazon, Juno Download and many more.
We also Promote your music to the most famous Radio- & TV- Stations around the world and also to many other media, such as newspapers, magazines, promo-sites, promotional companies, plugger and music-systems and at social media,
But also to all DJs (known to us) we send the links in an email.


We let our artists free in which songs they want to release (we do approve), also the artists are free in how many releases per year without time pressure.

In our early years, there are some artists who have switched to a different (larger) label, including: Project Pretorian, Nicolas Di Salvo. We then let them go and wish them good luck.

We now have a promotional file of all well-known portals (incl. Social media: Facebook & Instagram), all well-known steaming services and more than 3,500 email addresses of Radio Stations, TV Stations, Media Systems, DJs, Promoters, Booking Offices, Etc.
With these possibilities we can now offer a lot to our artists!

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We have now expanded our main label S-Records with sub-labels, each with different music styles, these are our labels:

S-Rock Records
D-Core Records
Dymond Records

All-Round Music

All Styles Of Rock

From Dance Till hardCORE and all in between

RnB, Hip-Hop, Rap,
Reggea(ton), Blues, Etc.

Hot Tracks Recods
Lux Records

Country Music & Folk

(also with music made in our own studio)

Nederlandstalige, Limburgstalige, Duitstalige, Engelstalige Party- / Après-Ski / Ambiance / Ambient / Folk / Schlager / Carnival / Music or Pop.

Are here for you to protect your music that was writen by you or where you own the rights, we protect those rights.

Would you also like to join us as an
Artist / Group / Band / DJ ?

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& Hot-Tracks Records