Lux Records

    Lux Records is a new record company that grew out of a partnership with the studio of Ramon Houben Music Productions in Germany, that project is called Limbo-Power Music Productions and focuses mainly on regional artists from Dutch Limburg, but also German artists and will focus mainly on party music, schlagermusic and carnival music.
    That is why a solution was sought for the other productions from this partnership, which has become the Lux Records collaboration project.
    We always have the right solution for all productions that are not offered from this partnership!
    For example, we have other label names to release your music:

    As you can see for all your music, we do have a solution with a matching label.

    We make sure that your music ends up at the Radio & TV Stations, All known Download portals, various Music systems, DJs, Newspapers, Newspapers, etc. and on Social Media all over the world. We reach a lot of people with a rapidly growing e-mail file of over 3,500 e-mail addresses, and attention is also being paid via various channels on Social Media.

    Together we work on your success, of course this is not a guarantee of a HIT, but we will work hard on it together!

    No idea how to make music?
    But you can and do want to sing ?
    Even then we have THE solution for you !!!
    Contact us for more info.

    Or if you wrote some lyrics and have a singer for it, but no music
    Even then we have THE solution for you !!!
    Contact us for more info.

    With our own Studio and Producer and Songwriter together with your ideas or personality we can make something great !
    Contact us for more info !