Lux Records

    We publish/release all styles of music !
    and are the international label of our "local" label: Limbo-Power Which releases music related to The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

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    Lux Records

    We Release Your Music !!!
    You can record it in our own studio ! or in your own studio or elswere.
    We Release & Promote all styles of music !!!

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    Lux Records Studio

    You are a singer/dj but not a composer / textwriter/producer?
    No Problem !!! If you have an idea it´s enough!
    We can produce/compose/write your text & music !!!

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    We will release your music:
    - at most known portals
    - at Streaming Services lik Spotify
    - at YouTube
    - at Social Media
    + With E-Mail Promotion to more than 10,000 E-Mail Addresses !
    - or on CD Single/Album (at extra costs)/font>

    Mail Your Song To:

    Lux Records

    You are a songwiter but no singer?
    We also would love to receive and release your music !
    Send your music or demo (prefer with lyrics) and we will search for a good singer (m/f) for the song(s).

    Send Your Song / Demo To:

    Lux Records

    We bring music to the world.
    To most famous Radio- & TV- Stations around the world.
    and also to many other media, such as newspapers, magazines, promo-sites, promotional companies, plugger and music-systems.
    But also to all DJs (known to us)
    (with a download link)

    Steff Bridges – Yo Te Quiero

    The Classic Illustration – Bat-A-Rat

    Horst Krefelder
    Stand By Me (Version 2K21)

    Out on Oct. 1, 2021

    Paul Pans & The Old Street Band
    It´s Christmas Time

    Nov, 30, 2021


    We let our artist free which songs they want to release (we do approve),
    also the artists are free in how many releases per year without time pressure.

    In our early years, there are some artists who have switched to a different (larger) label, including: Project Pretorian, Nicolas Di Salvo. We then let them go and wish them good luck.

    We now have a promotional file of all well-known portals (incl. Social media: Facebook & Instagram), all well-known steaming services and more than 3,500 email addresses of Radio Stations, TV Stations, Media Systems, DJs, Promoters, Booking Offices, Etc.
    With these possibilities we can now offer a lot to our artists!

    Would you also like to join us as an
    Artist / Group / Band / DJ ?

    Send us an email with your info (and your music or ideas)
    and we will contact YOU !!!