About LJP

LJP = Luc J. Ploegman a DJ/Producer from the Netherlands

Sometimes he works together with another artist, like he did debute Sabijo Wals,
a Dutch Rapper, who received a recorddeal by another sublabel of D-Core Records = Dymond Records.
with Sabijo he recorded the song “Mens” and made a remix of it.

LJP is a producer who has the intention to release a song, minimal once or twice a month !
But it is possilble that there will be months with 4 or 5 releases !

So come back to this site a few times a month to see his new releases and news.

LJP is also a DJ, who plays in Discotheques, Festivals, but also Home-Party´s
So you will see / hear a lot more of LJP, maybe sometime in Ibiza or Tomorrowland or Sensation, etc.

So Download and Stream his music a lot !