2-Sparks – My Fantasy

This is the 2nd single of 2-Sparks (the dance formation of Schiffie “known from” the Penguin Dance)
The first Single “The Beauty And The Geek” was never released, because it was made as a theme for the TV program of the same name, but unfortunately was not chosen.
After the first single release of “Livin´ My Dream” was this to be the running-up single, but the follow-up was the hit “Summer Vibes” (with singer Asha, but she has switch her carrier to Miss Bodybuilding NL and as a Pole-Dance Teacher with her own studio for both activities !)
So now we release “My Fantasy” as third single, with a totoaly new single on the way, release May 2022.

Enjoy the dream and the fantasy of making music together and be stars with big hits,
the fantasy doesn´t go about a romantic fantasy between the 2-...

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2-Sparks – Summer Vibes

With this single 2-Sparks wants to make the summer hit and be heard at all festivals, with various remixes of:
DJ Dominico (Tomorrowland, Versuz, Ibiza, etc.)
Ian Barres (Tomorrowland, La Rocca, Ibiza, etc.)
DJ Tymen (Tomorrowland, Dance Radio, Spain, etc.)
DJ Gene Pole (Several Clubs Worldwide)
DJ Magic DD (Several Clubs in Belgium, Trudo FM, etc.)

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